Moodle Student Guidebook

8. Forum Activity

A forum is a place where class or group discussions can occur. In forums you can add a discussion topic and reply to others’ postings, depending on the forum settings the instructor chooses. Your instructors may choose to use a regular Forum or an Open Forum activity. For more information, refer to:

Please note: Because network connections can break down, if you are working on a forum posting for a long time, before you click "Submit" for your response, consider selecting your text and copying it to your clipboard or a word-processing program. If there is an error with the submission, you will still have a full copy of your posting and can resubmit it after the network connection is re-established.

There are five main types of forums your instructor may choose:

  • Standard forum for general use: An all-purpose forum that allows for multiple posts. Any user may post a new discussion/topic at any time.
  • Standard forum displayed in a blog-like format: An all-purpose forum that allows for multiple posts. The author's profile picture displays next to the post, which has the look and feel of a blog post. It's also easier for students to read each other's comments—it saves them additional clicking.
  • Each person posts one discussion: Every student can only post one topic, but may reply to multiple others.
  • Single simple discussion: This is a forum about a single topic, all on one page. Instructors start the discussion; students reply.
  • Q and A: This type requires participants to post their own perspectives before viewing other student posts. Instructors post the question(s); students reply. Note: there is a 15-minute editing window after posting a response in which the users may re-read and update their posting. It is not until after that editing time passes that they will then be allowed to view other students’ postings and respond.

For additional information, refer to the Moodle Docs - Using Forum tutorial and the Forum Subscription tutorial.