Moodle Student Guidebook

6. Course Blocks

Your instructor can choose to enable a variety of course blocks in his/her course site to provide links to features relevant to each particular course. Blocks will typically appear on the right of the Moodle page or they may appear beneath the main course content, depending on your screen size.

Some popular blocks include:

  • The Activities block lists and allows navigation between the different activities available in your course (Forums, Quizzes, Assignments and so forth).
  • The People block provides a Participants link that will list all participants in the course.
  • The Quickmail block allows you to Compose Email to send to your instructor, or other students in your class.
  • The Calendar block provides quick access to some upcoming activities.
  • The Latest News block displays news and announcements created by your instructor. You can click on more... next to each topic to read the entire news item, or click on Older topics... to view past news items.