Moodle Student Guidebook

In this guide you will find information about how to use HCC's Moodle to access resources and participate in activities posted by your instructor.

3. Login Information

From the Moodle homepage, you will see the the Log in link on the top right as well as the Login block on the right (or beneath the main page content, depending on your screen size). To log in, use your Active Directory (AD) username and password, then click on the Log in button.

  • Your Moodle/AD username is just the first part of your HCC email address (before the @ symbol).
  • Your Moodle password will be your Active Directory password. Your initial AD password can be found on your acceptance letter, but you will need to change your password prior to logging in to Moodle and at periodic intervals throughout the year. When changing your password, remember that AD credentials are used to access several systems: Moodle, Email, campus computers, the HCC website, and Papercut. For more information visit the Password Change, Reset & Enrollment page. If you need assistance changing your password or unlocking your account, you should contact the HCC IT Department at or at 240-500-2891.

Not all instructors or courses will use Moodle. Accounts are only created for users who have at least one course using Moodle. Instructors will tell students if they have a Moodle course site. Updates to Moodle enrollment are typically processed within 1 business day of student registration activity.

Once you log in to Moodle, you will see any courses available to you. Click on the linked title to access the course materials. Students will only see course sites that have been made available by the instructor, often on or near the first day of the semester. If you log in before any of your course sites are made available, you will see the course catalog of all "Available Courses" instead of just your individual "My Courses" listing.

For questions regarding use of specific Moodle tools, you may contact HCC Learning Technology:
Email =
Phone = 240-500-2701

For login issues, AD account lockouts, or questions about student e-mail or WebAdvisor, you can contact HCC Information Technology:
Email =
Phone = 240-500-2891

For questions regarding specific course content, please contact your instructor.